2022 Ride Schedule

When (if) entry forms are available, we'll put links to printable registration forms for all rides in the table below. You can also sign up on-line at RMS, the NATRC Ride Management System, and many of our rides allow you to pay on-line.

Oh yeah. NATRC Region 2 (their rides are pretty much in So Cal and Arizona) isn't that far away and their rides are great, too - check out what they have to offer.

And most of our events will offer Leisure rides, designed to let riders figure out if NATRC is for them. A description of what's involved is here.

Translation of ride types and divisions: An "A" ride is two days, a "B" ride is one day ride on Saturday. We don't have any this year, but a "B2" ride is a one day ride on Sunday. The divisions are O, CP, N and L. Sooo, "O" is Open, "CP" is Competitive Pleasure, "N" is Novice, and "L" is Leisure. So when you see "A" O/CP/N "B" N/L in the ride descriptions below that means there's a two day ride with Open, Competitive Pleasure and Novice divisions, and a one day ride on Saturday for Novice and Leisure divisions. There's more info about the divisions in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

Ride Type Entry Forms Management Phone email
Mt Diablo Ride, ???????, Clayton, CA
The Mt Diablo ride has been cancelled, at least temporarily, due to EHV-1/EHM concerns. We're all hoping that it can be rescheduled - keep your fingers crossed!
This is a beautiful ride that starts pretty far up the east side of Mt Diablo and is full of ups and downs - all of it gorgeous. The early May ride date puts it right in the middle of the Bay Area wild flower season, so the scenery is fabulous. And the trails are, too. This is a great ride to start the season with! Photos from our last ride there, in 2019, are here.
"B" L No entry forms yet! Elaine Baker
Sec: Jessie Simons
(925) 698-2466
(925) 672-4348
Cowboy Camp, May 21-22, Williams, CA
Mostly singletrack through Cache Creek Recreational Area - a 70,000 acre BLM property. There are creek crossings and ridge-top trails with beautiful vistas across valleys. As a bonus, the campsite is huge and can accommodate rigs of all sizes. Maps from our previous rides are here.
"A" O/CP/N
"B" O/CP/N/L
Cowboy Camp Entry and Waivers Maria Pilgrim
Sec: TBD
(707) 217-3582 wolves1961.sbcglobal.net
Eel River Ride, July 9-10, Potter Valley, CA
We'll be riding in an old land grant ranch that the Eel River runs through and borders the Mendocino Natl Forest. Our campsite is at about 1500' and we'll be climbing to about 3000', so it should be cooler than the valley floor, and the wildflowers should still be blooming. This ride is spectacular. Maps from our last ride there are here.
"A" O/N/CP
"B" O/CP/N/L
Eel River Entry and Waivers Steve Meroshnekoff
Sec: Maria Pilgrim
(707) 743-9973
(707) 217-3582
Alaska Competitive Trail Ride
Not happening this year; watch for information for 2023
Jackson Forest Summer Ride, August 20-21, Ft Bragg, CA
Park your rig in redwood grove where we have our ride camp and enjoy the trails and the serenity of the redwoods. Come early or stay late and explore the Jackson Demonstration Forest, or just enjoy sitting in the shade. Ride maps from our last ride there are at here.
"B" O/CP/N/L
Jackson Forest Summer Entry & Waivers Steve Meroshnekoff
Sec: Maria Pilgrim
(707) 743-9973
(707) 217-3582
Round Valley Ride CANCELED
The Round Valley Ride has been cancelled due to excessive heat.
The Cool Canyon Leisure Division Ride, Oct 15, Cool, CA
"B" L
Cool Canyon Entries and Waivers Co-chair: Terryl Reed
Co-chair/Sec: Linda Thomason
(530) 852-2111
(510) 708-1439
Lake Mendocino Ride, October 22, 2022, Lake Mendocino Campground, CA
This is a late-breaking ride opportunity - one of our ambitious ride managers has added a ride at Lake Mendocino! We've ridden here before - our normal great trails and good views of the Lake - check out the Gallery for photos from our last visit.
"B" O/CP/N/L
Lake Mendocino Ride Entry & Waivers Angie Meroshnekoff
Sec: Maria Pilgrim
(707) 743-9973
(707) 217-3582